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My own socks

With Monte up north I decided to work on my own socks.  They were finished in about three days.

Yarn used: Simply Soft, a blue color

Pattern: A simple toe up sock generator found here.

The heel was done using a style found at TessKnits here.  And the short row style found here.

The socks turned out fairly ok though a bit smaller then I wanted.  Either my gauge is smaller then I thought, or it is just because I am on the high end of the pattern size.  Foot size is 9.  The heel had to be taken out the first time, I started too soon!  My first pair of toe up socks, I just could not find anything out there that would give me a good rule of thumb for starting the heel, which by the way is quite roomy.  I used a three strand cable, just not a normal braid style.  The strands have more space between them.

Now the pics!

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Clouds of Love

I’ve started the project. My yarn is Caron Simply Soft and the color is white.

I’ve already modified the pattern, of course :). I’ve made it wider adding a 1 additional of the big cable set and one additional of the smaller cable set.

Ravelry link: Clouds of Love

Edit: Here is some more detail on the change I made. I’ve adjusted the pattern so now it is a bit wider. After I finish one row on the graph I then go back to right before the heart looking cables and continue from there until the end. The sequence is: braid, small cable set, braid, large cable group, braid, small cable group, braid, (as is normal), big cable set, braid, small cable set, braid, row ending.

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In the Beginning

There were several attempts!  Sheesh!  I started the gloves, then had to redo (the yarn was not in a skein and I need a ball winder and swift). * I started the gloves, then had to redo (this time I messed up) rinse and repeat from * twice.  Finally I started it and it stuck.  Yeah!  I made the beginning a bit larger then the pattern calls for, then I tappered it down to the right size.  My arms get pretty damn big near the elbows and I want my gloves all the way up there.

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