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iCloud? Sigh.

I know, not really crafting, but it is a bit personal.  iCloud sounds great, sounds awesome, except it really doesn’t give me personally all that much.  My husband and me do not buy anything more then tv shows and apps from Apple.  So this whole syncing your music, not so great for us, plus I would rather just sync to the computer then pay the $25 a year to have it streamed to me.  Consider for a second that the $25 a year does not include additional bandwidth.  The iBooks syncing would be wonderful except it is only, as far as I can tell, with eBooks purchased through iTunes books.  Again, doesn’t really help if you go else where for your eBooks.  Contacts, calendar, and mail… I’ve taken care of all but contacts already.  Not that hard really.  Just find an email provider and a calendar provide that is on line and follow the directions on how to set up.  This one has me scratching my head as to how it is exactly new.  But the contacts will be nice.  Perhaps once fully implemented things will become clearer.

Now, iOS 5.  That looks interesting.  I’m liking how the notifications are looking and sounding from what I can tell.  Really excited about the notifications being on the lock screen.  The iMessage… hmmm… can I treat it like texting?  Meaning, can I message my husband when he is up north but not connected to the internet?  So that when he does connect he will receive the message and then can respond?  Newstand, if the prices are decent can’t wait.  Todo, sounds very interesting, hope they integrate it with the calendar and hope you can group stuff not just by location but also by activities or projects.  It would be nice to set up tasks for my knitting and crochet, as well as perhaps some wood working stuff.  See, it is on topic! 😛

I suppose it really boils down to a wait and see.


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