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My own socks

With Monte up north I decided to work on my own socks.  They were finished in about three days.

Yarn used: Simply Soft, a blue color

Pattern: A simple toe up sock generator found here.

The heel was done using a style found at TessKnits here.  And the short row style found here.

The socks turned out fairly ok though a bit smaller then I wanted.  Either my gauge is smaller then I thought, or it is just because I am on the high end of the pattern size.  Foot size is 9.  The heel had to be taken out the first time, I started too soon!  My first pair of toe up socks, I just could not find anything out there that would give me a good rule of thumb for starting the heel, which by the way is quite roomy.  I used a three strand cable, just not a normal braid style.  The strands have more space between them.

Now the pics!

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Hubby needs something to cover his feet while walking on our cold floors.  His socks are too thin and his feet are too big to just go out and buy slippers.  Hell, Big and Tall only go up to size 13!  So I am going to give my hand at toe up socks, hopefully they will be thick enough.

Pattern creation can be found at Indigirl’s site here.

My own project can be found here.

I’m going to use some left over yarn, Caron Simply Soft Autumn Red.  The pattern is toe up, first time for me, hopefully it isn’t too much trouble.  I’m also hopeing to find a nice linear cable pattern for the front and top of the sock.

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