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A friend of mine has found a crochet Dalek (Dr. Who) that she would like me to make her for Christmas.  I have agreed, it seems like an easy enough project, though I have found some mistakes which I have been meaning to bring up with the pattern author.  Even with those mistakes, the pattern is fairly easy to follow.  And now I have begun to consider making other stuffed animals and what not.  🙂

The project page can be found here: Mist Panther’s Dalek 1

Pattern here: (Raverly) A. M. Downs Dalek and here: (Etsy, free) A. M. Downs Dalek

I am currently using Caron Simply Soft Eco color Spring Moss, it’s a grey color with green tint to it.  Pictures will come in time.


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Currently I’m wondering what I should do for my next project.  There are things that I should do (pot holders, dish cloths, doilies, table cloths) but what do I want to do?  I found this cute nighty to knit that Monte might like, or how about a light perhaps lacy cardigan for the summer (which won’t arrive until May or so).  Sigh, what to do, what to do.  About the only thing I can do without going out and buying supplies are the pot holders.  Grr….

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