Some pictures!

Some progress has been made on the Baby Blanket and here are some pictures!


Clouds of Love

I’ve started the project. My yarn is Caron Simply Soft and the color is white.

I’ve already modified the pattern, of course :). I’ve made it wider adding a 1 additional of the big cable set and one additional of the smaller cable set.

Ravelry link: Clouds of Love

Edit: Here is some more detail on the change I made. I’ve adjusted the pattern so now it is a bit wider. After I finish one row on the graph I then go back to right before the heart looking cables and continue from there until the end. The sequence is: braid, small cable set, braid, large cable group, braid, small cable group, braid, (as is normal), big cable set, braid, small cable set, braid, row ending.

My SIL is hoping that soon she will have a child of her own and I’ve decided that I will make her future little a blanket. Now I just need to get the materials.

The pattern is: Levi’s Baby Blanket designed by Lindsay found at her Type-K blog here, and her Ravelry here.

Now I just need to pick the yarn and pick up some needles.


Knitting in a zipper!

Knitting daily put out a really cool and informative video about inserting zippers into your knitting without hand or machine stitching.

Link to site: http://www.knittingdaily.com/media/p/55034.aspx


Next Project…

Currently I’m wondering what I should do for my next project.  There are things that I should do (pot holders, dish cloths, doilies, table cloths) but what do I want to do?  I found this cute nighty to knit that Monte might like, or how about a light perhaps lacy cardigan for the summer (which won’t arrive until May or so).  Sigh, what to do, what to do.  About the only thing I can do without going out and buying supplies are the pot holders.  Grr….

Christmas Sweaters

Pattern:  Amused

Source: Raverly

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft, Lavender Blue.  315 yd/skein, 3 skiens

Needles: size 9 circular and 5 size 9 dpn

Size: Small, Medium, and Large

Dates: Lena – Sept 15th to Oct 14th 2010, Janette’s – Oct. 15th to Nov. 6th, 2010, Tina’s – Nov. 7th to Dec. 7th 2010

Modifications:  Collar pattern modified, sleaves are full long sleaves.


The collar patten did this weird thing where the cable went over different stitchs then in the body.  For Janette’s and Tina’s sweater I modified the collar pattern so that the cross was where it should be.  Not certain why the designer did it the way they did, it looks absolutly weird and is unnessary, the modification doesn’t really change all that much, besided how it is written.  The change is simple, instead of crossing a k2, p2 under/over a k2, p2 I cross a p2, k2 with a p2, k2 when the cross is suppose to happen.  This lines everything up correctly.


Row 4: Sl 1 knitwise, K2 [(follow like C8L except p2, k2) (like C8R except p2, k2) p2, k2. repeat 7 times, k1.

If need be I can write out the row fully and correctly.

Celtic Knots

I’ve decided to knit Hubby an afghan.  And damn, it’s worse then a crochet chevron afghan.  Long and boring, until you get to the Celtic Knot cables, now that is interesting.  Seems like this is going to take forever.  Probably not though, just seems like.

And I’ve discovered, it gets a lot easier when you put a stitch marking every 10 stitches.  I was having a hell of a time keeping the correct number of stitches.  One row would be 8 over, so I decrease 8, next row is under blah, so I increase.  Much better with the markers.