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Hubby needs something to cover his feet while walking on our cold floors.  His socks are too thin and his feet are too big to just go out and buy slippers.  Hell, Big and Tall only go up to size 13!  So I am going to give my hand at toe up socks, hopefully they will be thick enough.

Pattern creation can be found at Indigirl’s site here.

My own project can be found here.

I’m going to use some left over yarn, Caron Simply Soft Autumn Red.  The pattern is toe up, first time for me, hopefully it isn’t too much trouble.  I’m also hopeing to find a nice linear cable pattern for the front and top of the sock.


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It’s Here!

My yarn and my needles came! And everything else I was waiting for (a sweater from One Stop Plus and DvD’s from Barnes and Nobles). Yeah! Now, just finding the time to sit down and work on my fingerless gloves.

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