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So my husband and me went out and purchased two new but used chairs for our library.  Given that they were used we didn’t exactly have a choice on colors but that is ok.  It is ok because I can crochet some blankets to go over the chairs.  That is actually one new project, two afghans that I have no idea when I will complete.  The second project is a birthday present for my husband, and nope I’m not telling!  Third project is a sweater for myself.  You see I was actually going to finish the project for my husband except my needle broke!  I was knitting along, yes it is a knit, when Ta Da! my needle came off of the plastic wire, yes it is a circular needle.  Grr!  Did everything I could to fix it but no go, looks like I have to buy a new one.  Except the nearest needle is half an hour away, of which I’m not driving for just a needle.  That is where my sweater comes in, once I pick up the needle I need my husband will be home from the North Slope, this means I can’t work on his project.  So I will work on my sweater.

Below is a picture of a square in the afghan and two pictures of my library:


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Done! I’m done with it. It is all finished. Phew. Took long enough. Did the last six rows of squares in a week and a half. Each square is a foot by a foot. The afghan is ten by ten squares making it 10 feet by 10 feet.

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